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Why "less of everything?"

When I got pregnant with my first child, my boss said to me, "Congratulations! More kids, less of everything else." But he was only partly right. Since the birth of my son Theo, life has seemed to spiral in and out of control. Life is bigger. We've gotten faster. We're surrounded by more stuff. Two years later, our second child, Hazel made the scene. More. Bigger. Faster.

Andy has accepted a job as a professor this coming fall. By April, he will need to finish writing and defend his dissertation (read: he will be scarce around our house); we will purge half of the crap in our condo, pack up half of the other half and put it in storage; tile, paint, and regrout; put our place on the market; maintain an impeccably clean home until it sells; find a new home that we can afford in Massachusetts; pack up the remaining half of our things; and drive across the country to start all over again.

This is on the heels of the past 5 years in which we got married, had 6 jobs between the two of us (most of them full-time), bought our first condo, had two kids, survived post-partum depression (I mostly did that), and were a penstroke away from divorce, (amidst the drama I managed to finish a masters degree). A lot of livin' has gone on.

As I sit here in January and look out over the next several months, I want to put on the softests socks I can find, take a sip of tea, crawl under my duvet, and SLEEP. But then I'm reminded of the book, "Going on a Bear Hunt," the refrain of which is, "Can't go over it... Can't go under it... Guess I gotta go through it."

If I am going to survive the next few months, things will have to get SIMPLE. This website is my attempt to keep some perspective. To occasionally peer in from the outside. To remind myself that a little less can be a lot more.

I'd be happy for some company along the way.